Briefs III

Coming in February 2016….


The (3rd Annual) Festival of 10-Minute Plays

FEBRUARY 5 & 6, 2016 


Our Directors and the Plays that will make up BRIEFS III:


 “Amenities” by Gregory Hischak, directed by Kelly Hines 

                -Claudia (Zele Avradopoulos) and Martin (Paul McCuen)

                 (married residents in a NYC condominium)

                -Leah (Ellie Baumgarten), their dinner guest

                -Morris (Dan Toomey), an artist


“For Pete’s Sake” by Jonathan Markella, directed by Jonathan Markella

                -John (Ted Lillys) Husband and father who finds himself confused and disoriented in a strange office.

                -Peter (Ken Carberry) An officious man in jacket and tie, efficiently working at his desk.


“Small Talk” by David MacGregor, directed by Victoria Kirichok

                 -Rachel: Katy Downey

                 -Anthony: Dan Kirichok

                 -Dr. Cooper: Angi Walsh

                 -Matt: Mark Alves


“Scripted” by Mark Harvey Levine, directed by Anne Gardiner

                -Elaine: Anastasia O’Brien

                -Simon: Mike Whalen


“Going Viral” by Brandon Crose, directed by Barbara Baumgarten

                -Parent 1: Ted Lillys

                -Parent 2: Nicole DiRuzza

                -Child: Kathleen Morris


“To the Roof” by Cynthia Faith Arsenault, directed by Lisa Pratt

                 -Guy: Ken Carberry

                 -Bud: Ryan Champlin


“Annunciation” by Peter M. Floyd, directed by Lisa Pratt

                -Sarah: Madison Pratt

                -Gabe: Dan Toomey


Seating Will be Cabaret-Style

With Sweet and Savory Fare as well as 

your choice of beverages including wine

All in the Price of Your Ticket!


Cohasset Town Hall Theater, 41 Highland Ave, Cohasset

Questions? Email Us