2015 – 2016 Season

                                              Coming in March 2016…              The romantic musical comedy, Guys and Dolls involves the unlikeliest of Manhattan pairings: a high-rolling gambler and a puritanical missionary, a showgirl dreaming of the straight-and-narrow and a crap game manager who is anything but. Set in the Manhattan of Damon Runyon’s short stories, Guys and Dolls tells of con-man Nathan Detroit’s efforts to find new life for his illegal, but notorious, crap game. When their trusty venue is found out by the police, […]

Guys and Dolls

Coming in February 2016…. B R I E F S III The (3rd Annual) Festival of 10-Minute Plays FEBRUARY 5 & 6, 2016    Our Directors and the Plays that will make up BRIEFS III:    “Amenities” by Gregory Hischak, directed by Kelly Hines                  -Claudia (Zele Avradopoulos) and Martin (Paul McCuen)                  (married residents in a NYC condominium)                 -Leah (Ellie Baumgarten), their dinner guest                 -Morris (Dan Toomey), an artist   “For Pete’s Sake” by Jonathan Markella, […]

Briefs III

Thank you to everyone who came to laugh with us at “6 Rms Riv Vu” November 6, 7, 13, 14 at 7:30 pm November 8 & 15 at 2:00 pm COHASSET TOWN HALL THEATER     “A Broadway comedy of fun and class, as cheerful as a rising souffle. A sprightly, happy comedy of charm and humor. Two people playing out a very vital game of love, an attractive fantasy with a precious tincture of truth to it.” – The New York Times by bob randall directed by william gardiner      “6 Rms Riv Vu” by Bob Randall takes its title from the shorthand used by real estate agents […]

6 Rms Riv Vu